What To Expect: Watch This Space

In Uncategorized on February 18, 2011 at 2:58 pm

Welcome to Literary Underground’s inaugural day.  You’ll notice there wasn’t a whole lot of partying going on here.  The ballroom’s a bit empty.  I mean, maybe somebody tried to put together some punch using grape-flavored Kool-Aid and rum, but the punch bowl was largely ignored.

Wanna know why?

Because we’re all working.

Yup, the halls of Literary Underground are a flurry of activity.  If you could see each of us, you’d see a bunch of really hardworking word-nerds, networkers, and story hounds wearing several different hats.  (Don’t laugh.  One head decorated with a multitude of hats will be a huge fashion statement someday very soon.)  You’ll see us ALT-TABbing between our corporate gigs, contractor work, our own precious new manuscripts, and the work we’re doing for other members of our special new club.  We’re exhausted, but you want to know something?  It’s a very happy, dizzy exhaustion, because we know that each of us is making a difference.

We certainly don’t have time for punch and pie.  We don’t have room on our weary heads for one more hat, that celebratory hat of accomplishment at getting this idea together and moving it from planning to the digital world.

But we will celebrate when our first new release gets its first great review, and the reviewer takes time to say, “Whatever else this book has going for it, it certainly looks like it came from a big publisher.”

Oh, yes, we’ll celebrate that for sure.  And we’ll do it the same way we’re celebrating this inaugural day: by defying the odds and making dreams come true.

Welcome to Literary Underground.  We hope you like what you see.


  1. Nice place you have here! I do hope the coffee is hot and the pastries are delicious…

    Congrats on a nice looking site!

    Mandy Ward
    Editor, Welcome to Wherever

  2. Wait just a minute…there was grape Kool-Aid and rum??? I was told that there would only be assorted juice boxes and leftover valentine’s candy…

    Cheers to the new blog! Good job MJ!

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