The Story Behind The Voodoo Follies

In Book of The Month on April 4, 2012 at 1:59 am

People ask me all the time how I come up with my stories. So, here’s the story of how The VooDoo Follies came to be.

First of all, let me address the title, because I have been attacked by “critics” for the capital “d” in Voodoo. I capitalized the “d” on purpose because it is, in itself, a folly. That’s it. That’s my big reveal! lol Sometimes, the answer is short and sweet. I won’t change the spelling – no matter what my critics say! 😉

So, how did this book happen? It all started when I was taking a shower. My mind runs rampant at the most inopportune times, really. And I just happened to have zombies on the brain that day for some reason or other. So, as I am taking a shower, I am thinking… ‘I wonder what it would be like to hear the zombie’s side of the story?’ Lots of moaning and groaning I would imagine. But, what if you could be inside the zombie’s head? So, then I wondered what it would be like to be a teenage zombie. Let’s face it, as the mother of a couple teenagers, I often stash the Twinkies away and worry that I will have to get cracking on more cardio if the kids get any faster. Sometimes all my kids are capable of are grunts, groans, and jerky shuffling movements to get to necessary spaces in the house.

BAM! an idea has been born. I believe I might have titled it, “My Life as a Teenage Zombie” or some such nonsense at first. Then, as I’m washing my hair the ultimate zombie question pops in my brain. “But how did little miss teenage zombie become a zombie in the first place?”

This one tiny little question changed my story and turned it into The VooDoo Follies. You see, I was tired of the virus route. So, I figured what better way for her to become a zombie than a voodoo ritual run a-muck? Then the character of Seraphine developed rather quickly, because obviously someone had to loose control of the zombie to begin with. Seraphine was such a fun character to develop, that she actually became the focus of the story instead of the zombie.

Seraphine is based off of my own 16 year old daughter. She’s super smart, but she also has issues with grace. In other words, she’s clumsy. So, Seraphine took on a little of that demeanor and ended up being “clumsy” with her voodoo, which leads to a slew of other problems along the way.

Those problems are worked out in a series of six short stories told in succession. When put together, they become The VooDoo Follies. I do plan to follow up The VooDoo Follies with a full length novel this summer titled, Beyond the Grave. Until then, I hope you grab a copy of The VooDoo Follies and enjoy Seraphine’s adventures. Oh, and the first story in the book is all about that darn zombie that started it all!

Until then, you can check out more about The VooDoo Follies on the website HERE or like the series on Facebook HERE

Christine M. Butler is not only an official member of LitU, but an author, blogger, reviewer, and owner of a rabbit named Mr. Fuzzy Bumpkins. You can find her personal blog HERE.


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